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Analysis Lab

The analysis lab is the feather in Cabro's cap, where traditional longstanding methods meet the most sophisticated top-level machinery.

Two methods of analysis are currently in use: cupellation – the time-honored gravimetric analysis of high AU content alloys – and instrumental analysis – for metal cations and anions.

Cabro Spa laboratory instruments include:

- AA and ICP-OES Spectrometer for the quantitative determination of metal ions in solution.

- X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for the analytical determination of fluorescence light emissions from a sample exposed to X-rays on metal alloys.

- UV Spectrophotometer for the quantitative measurement of the fraction of light that passes through a reference solution.

- IC Ion Chromatography, that separates anions and cations in fluids.

- Potentiometer for automatic titration of solutions.

- Rotational viscosimeters (for liquid and paste): used to measure the viscosity of liquids and pastes.

- Rheometer: used to analyze the rheological behavior of pastes.

- Jolting Volumeter: used to determine the volume and apparent weight of powders and granular materials.

- Pyknometer: used to determine the density of a material.

- Particle Size Analyzer: used to determine the particle size of powders and pastes.

- Profilometers: used to analyze a surface roughness and particularly the thickness of a conductive film after firing.

- Optical microscopes: used for the observation and analysis of varied samples passed through by light.

- Scanning electron microscope (SEM) with X-Ray detector: used for the analysis of varied samples with a resolution of about 100 nm. The X-Ray detector enables the elemental microanalysis of the samples examined by SEM.

- Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC): used for the thermal analysis of liquid or solid samples.

- Multimeter: used to determine the electrical resistance of a circuit.

BET surface area measuring instrument: the instrument allows to determine the specific surface area of a powder using the BET method, to obtain information on the physical properties of porous materials.

Cabro’s lab can supervise all production phases and certify the final product and can also carry out external analysis on behalf of third parties.