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Thick Film


Polymer pastes and paints are used for electric circuits on thermolabile substrates such as plastic.
Cabro offers conductive pastes and paints for many application fields: production of membrane switch panels, electroplating and electromagnetic shielding.

Silver Paste for flexible circuits

  • Screen printable silver paste for polyester or polyamide for the production of flexible electric circuits for membrane switch panels.


Conductive paint

  • Silver and copper paints for conductive films on various substrates through electroplating
  • Silver paint for electromagnetic shielding on plastics by spray application


Silver paints can generally be applied by hand or machine brushing, spraying or dipping.

Product name
Product code

AG 9120 EP

Flakes for electronics

Product code


AG 2955 CA

Paste for electrical contacts

Product code


AG 2900 CA

Paint for making conductive various surfaces (resins, plastics)

Product code


AG 2350 CA

Paste for for membrane switch panels

Product code


AG 9500 IP

Powder for diamond wheels and sintered contacts (electrotechnical)

Product code


AG 9300 IP

Powder for diamond wheels and sintered contacts (electrotechnical)

Product code