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Decorative Coatings


Rivestimenti Decorativi a base Oro e Metalli Preziosi

Ceramic has been known since ancient times and it is perhaps the first artificial material created by humans for everyday use in the form of crockery and utensils.


Cabro pastes, inks and lusters for decoration can be applied to a wide range of tableware, decorative and art objects and are suitable for any type of ceramics (porcelain, bone china, faience, terracotta).


Our decorative pastes and liquids are usually applied with a brush or decal. We also offer inks for digital printing on ceramics.


A large selection of finishes includes bright, semi-matt, burnish onglaze and burnish inglaze, lusters.


Cabro coatings differ in the shade of gold or platinum, depending on the percentage of the metal in the composition of the product. We furthermore offer a large selection of lusters in all colors.


Contact us to choose the product according to your preferences and the specifications of your production technology.