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Thick Film

Cabro develops and manufactures conductive products based on silver and other precious metals, both with high and low metal content, suitable for various application technologies.

Industry detail with a rear car glass on the production line in a glass factory

Cabro products are used in sectors ranging from automotive to electronics, from diamond tools to special applications such as inks and conductive adhesives. Production technologies and formulations are developed in-house by technicians with extensive experience in the field. Our in-depth knowledge of the technological process gives customers a guarantee of the high quality of the supplied products and of the order processing schedule.


Cabro produces a wide range of silver-based products: pastes for screen printing on glass and porcelain, polymer pastes for screen printing on plastics, spray paints for RF and EMI shielding, silver powders and flakes for various industrial applications.

Film Spesso | Elementi Conduttivi in Argento e Metalli Preziosi

The company is yet more than willing to test and develop new solutions and products in synergy with its customers and according to the technological application requirements.


Cabro’s silver pastes are heavy metal free and abide by the 2011/65/EC European Directive. All of our standard compounds have the appropriate viscosity and are ready-to-use. Nonetheless, Cabro is also willing to adjust the rheological properties of its products for specific application needs.


Explore the list of standard products manufactured by Cabro.


Contact us in connection with any special requests, including changes to formulations.

Film Spesso | Elementi Conduttivi in Argento e Metalli Preziosi