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We transform precious metals
in respect of the environment and people

Cabro is a chemical company specialized in the transformation of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir).

Our production site and research and development department are based in Italy; we sell our products worldwide.

Our core business is based on three cornerstones: development, manufacturing and sale of chemical products through the search for innovative solutions and the development of new types of products. Cabro brand has this way become synonymous with flexibility, quality, reliability and technology.


The processing of precious metals is a passion that has always driven us to develop various products by type and usage.
Our Decorative Coatings team creates exclusive products designed to decorate glass and ceramics: pastes, liquid colors, thermoplastics, lustres and thinners.

Cabro’s catalogue includes precious metal compounds for electroplating, catalysis, pharmaceuticals, glass and eyewear production.

Our product range also includes extremely complex chemicals– that are all widely appreciated for their high purity standards, as required by certain industries and professional fields that value high quality, sophisticated technology and safety as their excellence.

Fine chemicals


CARE is a new family of heterogeneous reference catalysts based on VIII B platinum-group metals (PGMs). It can be used in various chemical reactions involving organic compounds in pharmaceutical, food, energy, fine chemicals and perfume industries. Сabro catalysts can also be customized to meet the Customer’s specific needs and special conditions of industrial processes.

The reactions in which heterogeneous PGMs catalysts can be used include hydrogenation, hydrogenolysis, isomerization of a double bond, and formation of a carbon-carbon bond.

Cabro produces a wide range of silver-based products: pastes for screen printing on glass and porcelain, polymer pastes for screen printing on plastics, spray paint for RF and EMI shielding, silver powders and flakes for various industrial applications.

Thick Film