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AU69,858 €/gr
AG0,86125 €/gr
PT30,570 €/gr
PD29,450 €/gr
RH143,610 €/gr
RU13,710 €/gr

About us

Founded in 1987, Cabro SpA is a chemical company specialized in the treatment of precious metals such as Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir.

The key pillars of Cabro are: development, production and sale of precious metal-based chemicals for electroplating, jewelry, pharmaceuticals and catalysis, as well as development, manufacture and sale of products for ceramic and glass decoration, liquid gold and lustres; we also perform chemical analyses on third parties’ account.

Cabro is not just a company delivering “precious metal based products”: it also provides customized solutions to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of clients. Hence the constant pursuit of innovative solutions and the development of new products. This has enabled the company to become well known in international markets as a symbol of quality, reliability, technology and innovation.

Cabro Azienda Chimica

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to transform precious metals into
chemical products in a modern and efficient way, creating added
value for our customers and employees and at the same time improving the well-being,
the environment and the health of the people involved.

We would like to be a point of reference in the precious metal
chemistry industry, to maintain a consistently high quality of
our chemical products and services, to face the challenges of the market with the curiosity
of an explorer and to offer innovative solutions.

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