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Decorative Coatings

Cabro continues to expand its range of decorative products and to perform as a reliable partner in the supply and planning of precious metal coatings for the ceramic and glass industries.


Our clients produce tiles, architectural glass, sanitary ware/bathroom features, tableware, glassware for Horeca and retail, perfume bottles, bottles for cosmetics and drinks.



Clients choose our company because of:

  • High quality standards
  • Wide range of products
  • Fast delivery terms
  • Flexibility
  • Technical assistance


The process will also allow to print custom designs using precious metal inks, resulting in highly effective and fully customizable decorations.

Modern equipment and strict parameter controls during the production process under the supervision of an ISO 9001-certified laboratory, ensure the high quality of Cabro coatings.


Our R&D laboratory continually expands the range of decorative products in response to application methods development, fashion changes, changes in customers’ tastes and preferences, as well as environmental challenges.



Today, in addition to traditional liquids and pastes, our product range includes inks for digital printers, thermoplastics, etc.



It is possible to choose a product that is perfectly suitable for any particular production process and use:

  • surface – porcelain, bone china, terracotta, majolica, tiles, float glass, crystal, drinkware, borosilicate, opal
  • temperature – from 480°С to 1250°С
  • application – screen printing, digital printing, decal, thermoplastic, lining machine, banding machine, pad printing, brush, spray
  • finishing: bright, semi-matt, burnish inglaze and onglaze, lusters.
Rivestimenti Decorativi a base Oro e Metalli Preziosi
Rivestimenti Decorativi a base Oro e Metalli Preziosi

Cabro also produces related products such as thinners and coatings as well as chemicals for special applications: conductive pastes for ceramic cookware for induction stove, for automotive glass, for metallization of ceramic items for electronics, brand protection and traceability products.

Please, find other Cabro products for glass and ceramic

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Conductive paste
for ceramic and glass
anti-counterfeiting and
traceability system

Nuova richiesta per diluente per prodotti decorativi

New request for thinner for decorative products