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New heterogeneous reference catalysts based on precious metals. Cabro offers a wide range of options to adjust its catalysts to each customer’s individual needs, also thanks to flexible policies as regards the required quantities and possible customization.

Catalizzatori Eterogenei a base di PGM metalli preziosi

A new range of heterogeneous CARE catalysts based on metals of the platinum group (PGMs) such as Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Ruthenium can be used in several chemical reactions involving organic compounds in pharmaceutical (API), food (oil and fats), fine chemical and fragrance (perfumes) industries.

The key characteristic of CARE catalysts is that they are active under very mild process conditions and that they can be conveniently used at room temperature and under reaction pressure close to atmospheric pressure.

Catalysts based on PGMs could be classified according to their ability to break bonds, like forming diatomic Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules. This ability depends on the type of metal used.

Cabro is pleased to introduce the following four CARE product groups:

  • Cabro Platinum Reference Catalysts
  • Cabro Palladium Reference Catalysts
  • Cabro Rhodium Reference Catalysts
  • Cabro Ruthenium Reference Catalysts

Moreover, CARE catalysts can be optimized and customized to better meet each Client’s specific needs. The Сabro СARE product range is manufactured within the company’s own plant in Italy, starting from raw materials featuring high purity and quality, and monitored by means of strict in-house laboratory controls in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards. Thanks to its 35 years of experience in the field of precious metal chemistry, Cabro can grant reliability and high performance products.

Catalizzatori Eterogenei a base di PGM metalli preziosi