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Heterogeneous catalysts with Rhodium supported on activated carbons. These are solid materials made of powdered activated carbons of different origin containing Rhodium particles finely dispersed on them.


Rhodium particles are anchored on the activated carbon surface by an SMSI (Strong Metal Support Interaction) bond, which is formed between the Rhodium precursor coordination sphere and the oxygenated functional groups on the carbon surface (SOGs).


The Rhodium particles take part in different reactions, in which a heterogeneous Rh catalyst is involved, modifying the reaction kinetics (lowering of activation energy), but without changing the reaction thermodynamics (ΔG).


Rhodium is well known, among metals of the VIII B Group, for its strong tendency to the formation of stable complexes, thanks to the availability of its “d” orbitals and to their tendency to complexation.
Rhodium heterogeneous catalysts are used in some hydrogenation reactions, where the selectivity is a delicate parameter, for instance because of the presence of two or more functional groups in the reaction substrate, all of them prone to hydrogenation or hydrogenolysis, while only one group has to be involved in the reaction.

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CARE 740

Rhodium on wood activated carbon, moisturized and reduced

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CARE 7472

Rhodium on acid activated carbon, moisturized and reduced

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