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Chemicals & Coatings

That's the way we are…. We like to play with precious metals!

As modern alchemists, we manipulate precious metals to design and produce fine chemicals and special products for a wide range of field: from industry to catalysis, from pharmaceutical to electroplating, from glass to eyewear industries.

From this deep passion for chemistry applied to precious metals and the desire to explore new application's field, "Liquid Gold" line was born together with a whole range of products dedicated to the decoration of ceramic and glass, liquid gold, pastes, paints, lustres, colours, diluents and medium.

Then Nanoproducts, Conductive Pastes. We like to explore the world of chemistry always looking for new solutions, driven by the desire to reach new goals and create new products, even tailoring them on customer's demand.

A specialized R&D Laboratory through careful research, designs and develops solutions in collaboration with our customers from prototype to industrialization, thus strengthening the partnership and answering to all their needs.

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