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"The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder".

Albert Einstein

Cabro aims to recover, produce and supply innovative products and ingredients containing precious metals. The company wishes to do so in respect of the environment and in compliance with the highest quality standards. Its mission is to educate clients in the application of new high tech elements which make their final products more efficient, safer, prettier, more fun, improving everyday life.

Chemicals & Coatings

Nanoproducts, salts, decorative products and lustres based on precious and non-precious metals, conductive pastes, paints: our knowledge to meet all your needs.

Recovery & Refining

Recovering precious metals from waste, making it an infinite source, combining the wisdom of ancient methods with the most advanced technologies: the essence of Cabro.



The patented anti-counterfeiting system by Cabro: our response to the counterfeiting industry.


Nanomaterials and hexagonal allotropic compounds

A start-up of research on the infinite properties of Graphene, the "wonder material".